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On March 8, 2018 a jury in Santa Cruz county entered a verdict in favor of Cole Hudson for $2.6 million. Mr. Hudson worked for 8 years as a truck driver for Beverly Fabrics, Inc., a retailer of fabrics, arts & crafts… » Read More
In July 2016 the Fresno County Superior Court entered judgment in favor of a class of over 4,000 current and former Behavioral Interventionists working for Comprehensive Educational Services, Inc. (aka “ACES”… » Read More

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Why Choose Us

There are plenty of attorneys out there, some good, some not so good. So, why choose us?

  • Service;
  • Skill; and
  • Results.


Kevin Schwin goes out of his way to serve clients and the public. For instance, he will meet with people at their home or place of business. He will return your calls. He will talk to you directly when he can. Service extends beyond just helping with the matter at hand. Mr. Schwin provides advice and guidance on issues related to his clients' problems, such as finding work, getting unemployement, preventing future lawsuits and limiting exposure, etc. He is fair with billing, charging in 1/10 hour increments instead of 1/4 hour increments. It is no wonder Mr. Schwin has a very high client satisfaction rate.


Lawyers essentially need three skills: reading skills, writing skills, and speaking skills. Kevin Schwin takes time reading and researching to gain a firm understanding of complicated factual scenarios and legal principles. Mr Schwin's writing skills have been recognized by others in the legal community, including publication in the Cleveland State University Law Review. He also has extensive public speaking experience, including arguing cases in court, teaching constitutional law to students, and speaking at Rotary Club meetings.


Kevin Schwin has proven he can get excellent results for his clients. He has obtained a number of favorable settlements for his clients. He has over a 90% rate of success on motions. He has also won a majority of his cases going to trial or hearing.

We treat our clients, opposing counsel and the general public with the utmost degree of respect and integrity. We also provide a wide array of legal services covering numerous topics within the employment and housing law practice areas. We are a one-stop shop for high-quality, affordable legal services. That is why you should choose us.