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Wrongful termination cases involving sabotage are probably the most difficult to prove but also the most likely to result in massive, multi-million dollar damage awards, including an award of punitive damages.  Sabotage… » Read More
If I had a dollar for every time I have asked a potential new client, “How are you going to prove motive?” I would be very rich.  No matter what kind of case, motive is difficult to prove in law.  Employment discri… » Read More

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Wage & Hours

The California Labor Code and the Industrial Welfare Commission’s Wage Orders provide complex and detailed rules and regulations governing payment of wages. Litigation over wage & hours matters is becoming more and more common and can result in significant liability. This litigation is driven by rules requiring employers to pay the attorney’s fees of employees who bring meritorious claims. Employers have the burden of proving that employees are exempt from the overtime laws. Many employers simply do not know that their pay practices could be legally problematic. The best defense in wage & hours matters is to consult an attorney for advice on compliance before a lawsuit arises. For additional information and advice, please contact us.