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Workplace Harassment

On-the-job harassment is one of the most devastating and humiliating experiences that a person can go through. Harassment can come in many forms such as: name calling, teasing, ostracizing, verbally assaulting or threatening, physically assaulting, sexually assaulting or bartering sexual favors for better treatment.

Many people might think that they are being harassed anytime a co-worker makes a rude comment or tells an inappropriate joke. This is not the case. Only “severe or pervasive” conduct constitutes harassment. However, if co-workers are constantly making rude comments and inappropriate jokes over an extended period of time, and if you make it known to management that you oppose this behavior, and if management does not do anything to stop it, then you may have a meritorious case of harassment.

Most companies have internal policies and procedures for people who feel they are being mistreated at work. Sometimes people are too afraid to report harassment internally because the policy requires them to report it to one of the people involved in the harassment. If you feel you have been or are being harassed at work, please contact us immediately.