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Wrongful termination cases involving sabotage are probably the most difficult to prove but also the most likely to result in massive, multi-million dollar damage awards, including an award of punitive damages.  Sabotage… » Read More
If I had a dollar for every time I have asked a potential new client, “How are you going to prove motive?” I would be very rich.  No matter what kind of case, motive is difficult to prove in law.  Employment discri… » Read More

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Defending Against Lawsuits

Defending employment related lawsuits can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially in the case of class actions. The average jury award to a successful employee for discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination is in excess of $500,000. Wage and hour cases can be equally expensive. Having an attorney with experience in employment law litigation can significantly reduce the employer’s exposure.  We have that experience. If you have been sued or expect to be sued for an employment related issue, you should immediately contact us.